How do I choose the right size bike for my child?

In order for your little one to fully enjoy the benefits of their new balance bike, make sure you pick the right size for them. Here  are our expert's recommendations to select the perfect sized bike for your child.

Recommandations based on age

Follow our age recommandations according to your child's present age. If you choose a bigger size so that the bike can fit for a longer period of time, keep in mind that it will probably be too big when you receive it, so your child might have to wait until they're able to properly use it. 

If your child is : 

  • NANO : 2 years and under
  • MINI : 2 to 3 years 
  • GRANDE : 3 years and older 

Recommandations based on inseam measurement

If your child is between two ages or if you feel like your child is particularly small or big for their age, you can also measure your child's inseam to help you choose the right size bike. The inseam is the measurement from ground to your child's pants crotch

If your child is : 

  • NANO : 13" or less of inseam
  • MINI : 13" to 15" of inseam
  • GRANDE : 15" or more of inseam 

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