Here are some helpful (and important) tips to fully enjoy your new bike and make sure they last for as many years as possible! 

Outdoor use care instructions : 

  • Do not leave the bike under the rain or let it get too wet. Your new balance bike is varnished and treated to survive a small amount of water, but it is not to be left under the rain or get wet. It is fully made of wood, so water can and might cause permanent damage to your bike. If you catch a bit of rain along your ride and your bike gets wet, simply wipe the water off the bike with a small towel
  • Tighten all screws and bolts of your bike on a regular basis to avoid losing precious pieces along the ride.
  • Do not leave the bike under direct sunlight for too long. Your bike is just perfect for sunny days, but don't let it sit under direct sunlight when not being used to preserve the paint and colorful design for as long as possible.
  • Store it in a warm, dry space when not being used. 

Indoor use care instructions : 

  • Clean out the wheels with a small sponge or towel before using your bike indoors, if it was previously used outside, to avoid bringing any dirt into your home. 
  • The bike will leave no marks on the floor. Your bike is specifically designed to be safe for your floor. 

We hope that your child will love riding the bike, whether it's in the street of your neighborhood or if your living room becomes a racetrack! Also got a helmet? Make sure to check out the Helmet Care Instructions. 

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