What age is this recommended for?

General recommandations 

Balance bikes can be used from 1 year old or so, and up until your child is ready to ride a pedal bike. Most balance bike riders do not have to use training wheels and are able to go straight from their balance bike to a pedal bike.

How to choose the right size bike for your child

Follow our age recommandations according to your child's present age. If you choose a bigger size so that the bike can fit for a longer period of time, keep in mind that it will probably be too big when you receive it, so your child might have to wait until they're able to properly use it. 

If your child is : 

  • NANO : 2 years and under
  • MINI : 2 to 3 years 
  • GRANDE : 3 years and older 

When to convert a trike to a 2-wheeler balance bike 

There is no perfect moment to convert your bike from 3 to 2 wheels, it truly depends on each child and their own comfort level. That said, here are some signs that your child might be ready to switch to 2 wheels: 

  • Your child is starting to feel like the trike goes too slow
  • Your child is starting to lift their feet from the ground when riding 
  • Your child has a good level of general motricity and balance 
  • Your child is confident on the trike and feels ready to learn something new

One thing's for sure : do not go too fast. Rushing things might scare your little one and we want exactly the opposite. The main benefits of using a balance bike is for your child to develop their balance and ability to stand upright, which will make them more confident when riding their first pedal pike. 

We hope that your child will love riding the bike, whether it's in the street of your neighborhood or if your living room becomes a racetrack! For more information on how to care for your new bike, check out our Balance Bikes Care Instructions

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