Are Coco Village beds difficult to assemble?

The fast answer is : no. But read further. 

Assembling furniture is easy-breezy for some, and quite a pain for others. The level of difficulty for assembling a Coco Village bed depends on : the design that you choose (some have only 12 parts), the help you can get, and how much you actually like to build furniture. 

Assembly helpful tips : 

  • Sort all your parts and hardware before beginning assemblyYou'll save so much time and you'll also be able to tell if any parts are damaged or missing before it's too late.
  • Ask for the help of another adult. Some of our beds are easier than others to assemble, but they'll all require for 2 adults to participate in assembly. 
  • Do not use an electric drill. We know it's tempting, but it could seriously damage your new bed and assembly damage is not covered by the warranty. So... the drill is a no-no. 
  • Reach out to our experts if you have any issues, questions or concerns during the assembly of your new Coco Village bed. 

Our easiest-to-build beds : 

  • Classic House Beds 
  • Classic Teepee Beds 
  • House Beds with Rails 
  • Teepee Beds with Rails 

Our you-can-do-this-it's-so-worth-it beds : 

  • Lakehouse Beds 
  • House Bunk Beds
  • Treehouse Bunk Beds

We hope that your child will love the new bed! Wondering about the right mattress? Check out this article for more information on mattresses that are compatible with the bed : Can I use any mattress with Coco Village beds?

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