What age are your walkers recommended for?

Here's the per-fect first birthday gift!

All our baby walkers are designed to be used by little ones before, and after their very first steps. 

Before baby's first steps 

  • As soon as your child shows interest in standing up, a walker will allow her or him to explore their environment. 
  • If your child doesn't stand up yet, encourage him or her to discover the walker. Touch it, put stuff in its basket, roll the wheels, show your child how to use it, etc. The idea is to make your child curious about the object, before they can actually use it!

Once baby's a good walker (read: runner)

  • Your child will probably still love their walker, even after they learned how to walk. It is wrong to think that a baby walker will last for a few weeks only. 
  • Develop your child's imagination. Use your baby walker as a grocery cart, stroller, etc. All our baby walkers include a "basket" in which blankets and teddy bears can also be carried around the house. 
  • Pushing never gets boring for a toddler. Remember that! 

We hope that your child will love his or her new wooden baby walker, whether before or after his or her first steps! For more information on how to care for your new wooden toy, check out our Wooden Baby Toys Care Instructions.

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