My baby walker squeaks, is that normal?

Yes, it is! And it is part of the charm of a wooden toy. 

All our Baby Walkers are hand-made out of wood, and their wheels hold on a very simple, minimalist axle system. Therefore, it is normal for your new walker to squeak, and it is actually a very common phenomenon for wooden toys with wheels. They can not be compared to plastic push toys. 

All our products are hand-made, making each and every item entirely unique. Your baby walker may not be making the same sound as your neighbor's, and it is also absolutely normal.

Tips to help minimize the squeaking sounds

  • Grease the axles of your walker, using a small amount of a natural, non-toxic oil such as olive oil. 
  • Add a thin metal/rubber washer between the wheels and the basket of the walker to help with the sounds. 

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